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UDOT Cottonwood Canyons Sticker Program


The UDOT Cottonwood Canyons sticker program is a winter safety, preparedness and education program specifically designed for the Cottonwood Canyons. The goal of this program is to increase vehicle safety and preparedness by pre-inspecting vehicle tires for winter driving conditions in advance of drivers traveling in the canyons. Our objectives with this goal are to help public transit function more efficiently and to help redirect underprepared drivers to transit, shuttles, carpooling or delaying travel until road conditions improve.

The sticker program is free of charge, completely voluntary, and will run from Nov. 1, 2023 to Feb. 28, 2024. Stickers are NOT REQUIRED to drive Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon. If a vehicle’s tires/traction devices meet the requirements, a sticker is placed on the windshield to show a vehicle has proper traction devices for traveling in the canyons when the Traction Law is in effect.

To reduce the number of vehicles traveling in the canyons during severe winter weather conditions, UDOT encourages all visitors to carpool in a properly equipped vehicle, utilize public transit or shuttle services or delay travel until road conditions improve.

Official 2023 / 2024 Sticker

Sign Up for the Sticker Program

The sticker program is over for the winter 2023/24 season. Check back for an update on the sticker program this fall.

  • Prior to visiting one of the participating sticker inspection locations, participants MUST fill out the digital form posted on the UDOT Cottonwood Canyons website associated with the tire shop they plan to visit.
  • Once you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep this for your records.
  • After filling out the form, contact the tire shop you want to visit for sticker inspection and let them know you have filled out the sticker program form and will be visiting for a tire inspection.
  • Please fill out the form with ACCURATE INFORMATION AND WITH THE CORRECT SPELLING (name, email, phone number) so that the tire shop employee can find you on the form during the inspection process. Ensuring that your information is accurate helps maintain an efficient inspection process for all participants.
  • If you have multiple vehicles, please fill out the form one time for each vehicle. You may use the same email address or phone number, but you should let the inspector know that you have multiple vehicles under the same email address or phone number.

Participation in the sticker program remains voluntary and free of charge. In order to qualify for a sticker, a vehicle must meet the following conditions:

  • 4WD/AWD Vehicles: 3PMSF or M+S tires with a tread depth of 5/32 minimum
  • 2WD/FWD Vehicles: 3PMSF tires on all wheels with a tread depth of 5/32 minimum or proof of chains (chains must be in vehicle at time of inspection)

* According to Utah Code 41-6a-1636, a person may not operate a vehicle if one or more of the tires in use on the vehicle has a tread depth less than 2/32 inch measured in any two adjacent tread grooves at three equally spaced intervals around the circumference of the tire.

* Due to the challenging winter driving conditions often present in the Cottonwood Canyons, the sticker program requirement is a tire tread depth minimum of 5/32.

  • Participants will arrive at the tire shop inspection location that they signed up for and ask to have their vehicle’s tires inspected as part of the UDOT sticker program.
  • Tire shop employees will inspect tires and distribute stickers only to those that meet the requirements of the program.
  • Participants are not obligated to buy tires at the inspection locations, the tire shop is simply verifying that the tires meet the requirements of the sticker program and distributing stickers. Participants may purchase tires from any vendor they choose and then visit/return to a participating sticker inspection location for inspection.
  • If a vehicle is not properly equipped for winter driving and fails to meet the requirements of the sticker program, the driver can choose to purchase compliant tires/traction devices from a vendor of their choice or opt out of the program.

This is a completely free and voluntary program for participants, where UDOT will purchase the stickers and authorize local tire shops to distribute stickers to qualifying participants.

  • Participating businesses are not to charge sticker program participants for the inspection of the tires as part of the sticker program.
  • Tire shop employees will inspect tires and distribute stickers to those that meet the requirements of the program.
  • If a vehicle is not properly equipped for winter driving and fails to meet the requirements of the sticker program, the driver can choose to purchase compliant tires/traction devices at the business of their choice or opt out of the program.
  • Participating businesses are not to collect sticker program participant information for marketing purposes if the participant is only there for the sticker program and does not expressly give consent.
  • Participating businesses must NOT use sticker program inspections to pressure motorists to upgrade tires or purchase other products or services. It is appropriate to offer upgrades, products and/or services. It is NOT appropriate to make a purchase a requirement for receiving a sticker.
  • Safety and preparedness education for winter driving conditions is a high priority for UDOT, but we cannot guarantee enforcement when the Traction Law is in effect since we are not a law enforcement agency.
    • UDOT’s role is to provide education and communication on the Traction Law and when it is in effect.
  • The program provides an avenue for canyon travelers to inspect and prepare their vehicles at a time convenient to them and receive education prior to traveling in the canyons.
    • Non-compliant vehicles with underprepared or undereducated drivers often delay travel for buses, shuttles and other personal vehicles, and are a safety hazard; pre-inspection is an opportunity for all drivers to prevent this from occurring.
  • High participation in the program has a larger impact on the safety and preparedness of travelers in the Cottonwood Canyons and helps public transit function more efficiently if there are fewer crashes, slide offs and struggling vehicles causing schedule delays related to underprepared vehicles.
  • Drivers are encouraged to take responsibility for preparing their vehicles for winter driving conditions prior to traveling to the canyons; participating in the program and encouraging others throughout your community to do the same is a small but significant way to positively impact road safety and mobility in the canyons.
  • Participating in the sticker program helps UDOT better assess the number of properly equipped vehicles traveling in the canyons throughout the winter.

Having a sticker does not guarantee access to the canyons, rather it verifies the vehicle’s tires meet the required equipment standards when the traction law is in effect.

  • Vehicles may still be subject to inspection at the discretion of law enforcement.
  • Having a sticker is not a requirement for vehicle travel in the canyons and does not allow holders to enter the canyon during closures.
  • The sticker does not allow vehicles with the sticker to have priority to enter the canyons.

Go-Rentals: For reserving vehicles at the airport, contact Go-Rentals At Your Service at 1-800-464-8267 to get prequalified and you will be given steps on how and where to retrieve your rental vehicle at the SLC International Airport.

If you are arriving via private aircraft at any of the surrounding FBO’s, you can contact the Go-Rentals direct line at 801-893-9263, where they will enter the reservation in-house and meet you plane side upon arrival with your rental vehicle.

Budget: If you reserve any class of SUV or Pickup truck at a Budget of Utah location, customer service will help you identify a vehicle with the sticker at the time of rental. 

Enterprise, Alamo, National: Enterprise, Alamo and National provide the ability to reserve “Guaranteed AWD” car classes on their websites. If “Guaranteed AWD” vehicles are all reserved, this option will disappear from the available vehicle list. If it is not showing as available, then all cars with stickers are already reserved.

Rugged Rental: All Rugged Rental SUV and truck type vehicles are within the UDOT winter regulations. In addition, anything that has *4WD* or *AWD* on the Rugged Rental website also meets the requirements of the sticker program and Utah’s traction law.


UDOT has partnered with several local tire shop businesses to provide several inspection locations throughout the Wasatch Front and Park City area.

2885 US-89, 84010

220 W Parrish Lane, 84014

50 S Main St, 84017

4712 S Highland Dr., 84117

Downtown SLC
204 E 300 S, 84111

263 E 12300 S, 84020

976 W. Shepard Lane, 84025

10918 Town Center Blvd., 84003

Jeremy Ranch
2730 Rasmussen Rd, 84098

2020 W Antelope Drive, 84041

241 W 500 S, 84601

13722 S Redwood Rd., 84065

9325 S 1300 E, 84094

Silver Summit
6343 N Pace Frontage Rd., 84098

South Ogden
6648 US-89, 84088

South Salt Lake
2990 S State St, 84115

Sugar House
944 E 2100 S, 84106

West Jordan
1618 W 9000 S, 84088

4546 S 900 E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

1022 E Draper Parkway
Draper, Utah 84020

Fort Union
2284 Fort Union Blvd.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

4689 W 12600 S
Riverton, Utah 84065

320 N Main St,
Kaysville, UT 84037

3725 W 5400 S
Kearns, Utah 84118

4745 S State Street
Murray, Utah 84107

Salt Lake City
178 E South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Salt Lake City (9th)
924 S 300 W
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Salt Lake City (Highland)
3120 S Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Salt Lake City (Olympus)
2002 E 330 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

8835 S 700
Sandy, Utah 84070

South Jordan
10227 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan, Utah 84095

855 N Main St
Tooele, Utah 84074

West Jordan
3176 W 7800
West Jordan, Utah 84107

West Valley City
3557 S 5600 W
West Valley City, Utah 84120

West Valley City
2830 W 3500 S
West Valley City, Utah 84088

2651 S Main St 
Bountiful, UT 84010

144 W. 7200 S.
Midvale, UT 84047

Salt Lake City
2105 S. Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

3235 W. 5400 S.
Taylorsville, UT 84129

4355 S. State St
Murray, UT 84107

4011 S. Highland Dr
Holladay, UT 84124

South Jordan
10532 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan, UT 84095

653 E. 12300 S.
Draper, UT 84020

West Jordan 
5796 W. 7800 S.
West Jordan, UT 84081

5232 W. Anthem Peak Ln
Herriman, UT 84096

CJ’s Pit Stop is a mobile tire shop that will come to you for sticker program tire inspection. Inspections are by appointment only and available to Utah County residents or large groups needing multiple vehicles inspected.

Mercedes-Benz Van Center – Warner
5396 W 2400 South
West Valley City, UT 84120

Young Bros Auto Midvale
7225 S 900 E
Midvale, UT 84047


UDOT has partnered with rental companies based out of Salt Lake City International Airport and local companies to increase the number of out-of-state visitors traveling in vehicles that are properly equipped for the winter driving conditions in the canyons. While the sticker program is only for the Cottonwood Canyons, the rental vehicles are approved for travel in any area throughout the state that requires traction devices when conditions warrant. 

Rental car company participation helps out of state visitors identify vehicles that are in compliance with Utah traction device requirements. If out-of-state visitors are not comfortable with driving in snowy, icy winter conditions, rental car companies are encouraged to make visitors aware of public transportation and shuttle services.

The following rental car companies are participating in the sticker program:

Rugged Rentals
Budget Car and Truck Rental
Enterprise Rent-A-Car