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Summer Construction //

Cottonwood CanyonS Summer 2020 Construction

There will be seven UDOT construction projects in the Cottonwood Canyons this summer, a majority of which will be in Little Cottonwood Canyon (S.R. 210). See below for the specific project details, impacts, locations and timeframes.

For questions about the construction projects going on in the Cottonwood Canyons for summer 2020, email cottonwoodcanyons@utah.gov.

Construction Projects in the Cottonwood Canyons:

With the multiple construction projects occurring in Little Cottonwood Canyon (S.R. 210), travelers should expect moderate to major delays throughout the canyon. Due to safety concerns, cyclists are strongly advised to plan alternate route during the construction working hours for all Little Cottonwood Canyon projects: Monday through Friday during daylight, starting as soon as 6am. Safety hazards include narrow lanes and shoulders with construction traffic traveling in both directions throughout the day, open trenches and a 24/7 temporary signal in the Emergency Mudslide Repair and High-T work zones where it is unsafe for cyclist traffic to be in line ahead of motorist traffic.

Cyclists and pedestrians traveling in Little Cottonwood Canyon should take caution in work zone areas and obey all flagger and traffic control directions during construction work hours. These directions may include walking bicycles through short sections of the work zone and/or no access as needed.

The paving project in Big Cottonwood Canyon (S.R. 190) will be in complete in September, at which time the whole canyon will be open to cyclists again.

Construction schedules are subject to change due to weather, project conflicts, utility issues or equipment/supply issues. 


PIN: 17985

UDOT is installing three High-T intersections to improve merging in bottle-neck hotspots. Installation will be at Snowbird Entry 1 (milepost 9.5 – 9.9), Snowbird Entry 4 (milepost 10.6 – 10.8) and Alta Wildcat (milepost 11.5 – 11.8). Working hours are Monday through Friday during daylight. Travelers should expect crews in the road and on the shoulder, lane restrictions and moderate delays. #LCCHighTs

Construction Timeframe:
August 3 - October 2020

S.R. 210: Merge Lane

PIN: 17986

A merge lane will be constructed as an addition of continuous movement from S.R. 209 to S.R. 210 near the mouth of the canyon from milepost 3.4 – 4.3. Working hours are Monday through Friday during daylight. Travelers should expect crews in the road and on the shoulder, lane closures and restrictions and moderate delays. #LCCMergeLane

Construction Timeframe:
July 27 - October 2020

S.R. 210: Emergency Mudslide Repair

PIN: 17994

A continuation of the 2019 mudslide repair work including slope repairs and drainage improvements, from milepost 5.2 – 9.9. Working hours are Monday through Friday. There will be a temporary signal installed to alternate traffic. Travelers should expect lane closures, restrictions and moderate delays. #LCCSlideRepair

Construction Timeframe:
August 3 - October 2020

S.R. 210: Grit Mill

PIN: 14944

UDOT is working with the Forest Service to install a parking lot where the old Grit Mill is located from milepost 4.3 – 4.5, and realigning Wasatch Resort Road. Working hours are Monday through Friday during daylight. Travelers should expect occasional one-way flagging operations and moderate delays. #LCCGritMill

Construction Timeframe:
August - October 2020

S.R. 210: RACS Installation

UDOT will be installing 12 remote avalanche control system (RACS) towers in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Toledo and Emma Ridge areas. This will not affect the roadway, however, construction crews, helicopters, equipment and rockfall may be present at any time. Little Cottonwood Canyon travelers should avoid active work areas and use caution when traveling in the areas shown on the map below.

Construction Timeframe:
June 1 - October 2020

S.R. 190: Paving

PIN: 17248

UDOT will be paving a 3-inch mill/fill from milepost 8 to Brighton Circle and up to Guardsman Pass near milepost 18. This will require lane closures and one-way flagging operations. Working hours are Monday through Thursday during daylight. Cyclists and pedestrians will not be permitted in the construction areas beginning at milepost 8 (with exception to trailhead parking) during working hours. Travelers should expect moderate delays. #BCCPaving

Construction Timeframe:
June 24 - Summer 2020


PIN: 17207

An addition of signalized pedestrian crossing near milepost 10/Cardiff Fork. Travelers should expect crews in the road and on the shoulder, occasional lane closures, and minimal delays. Those using the parking area near the trailhead should expect equipment in the area. #BCCPedCrossing

Construction Timeframe:
July - August 2020


S.R. 210: Dominion Energy Pipeline

A pipeline will be installed, going from Snowbird Entry 4 to Albion Basin Road. This open trench alignment will be under the outside edge of the uphill (eastbound) lane. Travelers should expect minimal delays and possible detours.

Construction Timeframe:
June - August 2020


Click the image on the right to view a map (PDF version) of the seven UDOT construction projects happening in the Cottonwood Canyons during summer 2020.

Little Cottonwood Canyon (S.R. 210) Merge Lane & Grit Mill Parking Lot Visuals

Little Cotttonwood Canyon Merge Lane & Grit Mill Parking Lot
Little Cottonwood Canyon Merge Lane
Little Cottonwood Canyon Grit Mill Parking Lot